When the ovaries are smiling .....

When the ovaries are smiling!

A personal and very detailed description of orgasm training course - written by Contessa on December 2001 course.

Orgasm Course Day 1
Your kingdom come - she said - and came. ... A tribute to Pia Struck and circumstances that I came into the world as a woman!

We are approaching the time where everyone conditional on Christmas shopping and mass attack from various media, thinking of each other is good to one another and during his next the very best.

My friend who had signed up for the course for "Orgasm Training", had long before Christmas liabilities was imminent, thought of me and signed me Pias orgasm course on the weekend of 01 & 02 December 2001, where I arrived with mixed feelings, tense, curious and ½ hour late because the night before I had made sure to do a little homework, so I did not come completely unaware of orgasms!

I was once again greeted by the woman who knows video evening I a few days before had participated, had radiated warmth and comfort and she let again his magic act. She got me immediately to relax and feel unique.

Against one wall in the very aesthetic and tastefully decorated rooms, Pia had packed all sorts of toys out on a mat in the form of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, lube, terminals, and ... and ... and .. the of course got my prying hands to feel and take it all - known as unknown toys.

The other girls / women was just curious, and soon we were all sitting with lots of questions, answers, anecdotes and shared on the experience we had with our own toys. Pia actually got us to, through our toys, to tell parts of our sexuality history.

Slowly we got put us right on yogamåtterne legged around Pia, and a faint scent of incense driftede across the room, accompanied by gentle music rhythms in the background when Pia began to tell:

We not only have a right to orgasms, they are a matter of course - but it is not a requirement, we can readily ask for our partner and expect him (sorry discrimination) so intuitively know where and how he should behave to provide such. If we do not even know our bodies and our "vulvar", and by how she looks and how she works, can we for the heck since demand of a man that he knows it! We can not expect from a man who stands outside ourselves, must be able to know our body and its needs better than we do. It is important to know yourself in all ways. If you are not able to give yourself an orgasm, do not expect that a "stranger" can shebang it. You are responsible for your orgasms and your desire - fully!
The great secret lies partly buried in the control of its vaginal muscles. Pia explained in great detail how to use the same muscle, as when one must keep his urine back. She called it 'pubo Coccygæus' abbreviated to PC muscle. Tighten the muscles in the anus and vagina, imagine that you are trying to pull the anus through the body up to the navel. Hold this muscle tightening in 3-5 seconds. And then relax slowly again for 3-5 seconds. The first week do you exercise 5 times a day, two weeks you increase to about 10 sec., Tightening and relaxing 10 times, a week after 20 times around 20 sec. and in the fourth week 30 by about 30 sec. per day. The relaxation is as important as chuck - just as many seconds you tighten up - just as many seconds immediately after relax! - Inculcated Pia. It had gradually been been a matter of course to make trouble exercise, and by the time it's no longer a question whether the man has a big, small, thick or thin dick, because you will almost certainly be able to keep hold of a pencil with your vaginal muscles - and enjoy it if you only train the muscles. If you do so while intercourse tightens the muscle when the penis pulls out and relaxing in the vagina when the penis penetrates, you will experience a different sense of desire in you during intercourse, provided of course that you possibly want!

We shared a lot of intimate experiences, good and bad and got air for some frustrations and laughing and loudly when we could recognize a situation that had just been .. embarrassing!
But then it was serious - we had now spent several hours talking and sharing experiences, and the mood was about to be as relaxed as it could be, since Pia with a twinkle in his eye sat down on her knees and proclaimed: "So girls, now we throw the clothes !! "There was deathly silent in the room for a moment, until Pia got up and even took off your clothes. I thought, "What - I can badly masturbate with my clothes on," and got up and just put my clothes in a neat pile beside my mat, grabbed a blanket and draped it around my hips when sitting cross-legged. The others followed suit, a little hesitant and baksende with sarongs and gowns.

"We start with a breathing exercise called 'Breath of Fire' 'said Pia and began to demonstrate the function.

She began to breathe rapidly through your nose and use the abdomen as bellows. Around me the others began to imitate and soon we were all sitting and pumped air through the nose, the best we had learned. "I must squeeze the vaginal muscles in response to the breath" breathing Pia out between his lips and we tried hard to get all the muscles to follow the same line, while the sweat began to make the skin moist. I began to feel dizzy and light-headed. My whole body felt during the break as if it had been used as punchingball and I snapped forward on the mat to stretch me. I had after the second game of the same feeling in the body that I had just had an orgasm and was sweaty and yawned.

We should now start another Yoga Exercise: "The Posture of the Goddess" - it is hard to describe, but we started us with their feet against each other, heels with a ½ meter distance to the buttocks, scattered Meegeren slowly legs toward the floor, whereby we only took 1-2 mm. at a time and up again while trembled glorious redemptive from several points. A total of two times I managed to get the legs to behave roughly right, while my thighs - and abs mutually interacted in a rather treacherous plan. I heard them say things like: Now she goes as completely out of hand, we should not just boycott it all? But the body held out and I had a feeling of total pleasurable relaxation in the body.

I felt a peace within me and was so far prepared for whatever Pia would now welcome us. I was not disappointed; Pia fetched a mirror, sat with her legs spread in front of the mirror, a lamp with good light - now we look at the private parts! She asked us to come close, so we could see with. She called it 'Genital appreciation, - show and tell' as Betty Dodson had taught her. "Do you see something all together" - she asked - and we could then. Pia spread her labia and began to tell us about his knee and how she is furnished. I was the next to take her place and soon I sat with fingers around my labia, while Pia directed and commented in positive terms. I had found my clitoris and using my poor lips, pulled the inner lips apart so we could see the small glands that produce the fluid from which the so-called "wet orgasms" or "splash orgasms" comes, accompanied by Pias fine comments. It was the first time I had seen my lap on the way, and I completely forgot that I had fans. I just sat and enjoyed the sight of my beautiful shot. Hmmm. Is there any wonder that men would like to bury their tongues, fingers, heads and cocks in it?

We got all admired each other's lap, pussies, genitals, vulvar, vaginas, female gender - call them what you will - they were all very different and each a beautiful work of art. It really meant a change in how we each saw ourselves at the bottom - a mega change for the better.
The time was 18:00 and we started to pack our things and clothes together. Some were in the cottage, other homes for children and husband - but the day after we should of course continue.

The rest of us went on a Turkish restaurant and got really good food, accompanied by many informal talk about all sorts of issues specific to women. We got laughed and cried together over how it is with women's lives. There was underway a glorious break, when a beautiful belly dancer appeared in ten minutes for us. The depth and confidentiality were really on top of the first day on the course. Wonderful - really a good evening - a fine end to a wonderful day.
Day 2 of orgasm course
When I arrived on Sunday, this time with no delays, Pia sat engrossed in conversation with a journalist who had asked for an interview and some photos to a report for his newspaper about orgasms and pleasure. So while we women slowly sprinkled in and got given us a cup of tea, sat Pia and told in compressed form what we had learned the day before. It dawned on me as I listened that Pia has a vast knowledge and a deep love.

After 1 hour of 'lately round' and many additional questions from journalist, we were finally alone and could continue where we had left off the day before. The mood was still unbroken - which had all the warmth and intensity, the day before we had built, not loosened its grip on the room and kept us in a comforting embrace.

Pia went immediately to the matter and invited us again to put the clothes and start the initial relaxation exercises. We sat down, this time far more serene than our nakedness legged on mats and started again on the exercise "Breath of Fire". Again I felt after a short period of intense breathing, oxygen hammers around in my blood - a slight dizziness and tingling in the body began and the sweat broke out of my pores. The feeling shortly before having experienced an orgasm spread again in my mind and I snapped forward on the mat, where I lay gasping for breath. We continued with the other Yoga Exercise: "The Posture of the Goddess", the thigh and abdominal muscles trembled and allowed us then some minutes hensynken itself with closed eyes.

Pia picked us up, in a voice full of zeal, back to the surface when she with a smile invited us to seek out us, each vibrator and a dildo. Now there onaneres! We looked shyly and easy grinning to each other, which we with eyes that shone like a child in a toy store, threw us over the new toy.

Since we all had exquisite us the objects that we thought would be appropriate to ask our desires and curiosity, told Pia us that if we, after the first orgasm, put his hand over his lap and let the vibrator continue to run on langfingerens knuckle, we could maintain excitement without irritating the sensitive and engorged clitoris. This would thrill retained in the body and not be stopped abruptly. The orgasm can thus be extended considerably.

I even had exquisite me the same "dildo" as Betty Dodson had worked with in his films; a kind of metal rod with balls on the ends. It looked more like a mortar and were very heavy; Pia called it a "barbell" - a bark lure. Additionally, had one of Pia's vibrators - a large heavy device with two heads and really intended for sports massage - made me curious and my choice was therefore dropped thereon.

Pias instructions followed us on track. I leaned back up a pillar, spread her legs and started to massage my labia with a cream of almond oil and lube, while Pia, who used his own body as a demonstration object, sat in front of us and showed us how we could optimize the feeling the heat and desire in our vulvar.

A gentle hum of our bodies that began to give in to the feelings of our lap, began to fill the room and the little detainees gasp, were clear signs that we all had given up being shy and accepted our joint presence in a situation so intimate.

I closed my eyes and turned on the vibrator - put its gently vibrating head on my clitoris and felt the sensation of the desire and lust shoot through me, and I with my other hand held my labia spread and bared my clitoris. I could not see the other women, but I could clearly hear their desire and their vibrators.

It was great - here we lay - strangers women, naked and with legs apart and open shot in front of each other and masturbated - and we enjoyed it! I heard women at different stages of light and the road to orgasm lie and sob and moan, groan and moan, put audio on their experience.

I closed by the presence of others and concentrated on my own desire and was promptly rewarded by the first small contractions in the vagina. I went into the feeling and remembered Pias words that predicament vaginal muscles together when "he" retired and dropping them when "he" entered.

It lacked like something, and I remembered Betty's "barbell", still lying next to me on the towel.

I lay down and drove slowly tip of the heavy ball between my labia and let the feeling spread into me. My greed took the upper hand and I let the whole "dildo" sink deep into my vagina, all while I with the other hand directed vibrator on my clitoris. .. Or sku 'I say vagina and clitoris? - No, no doctor Latin!

My breath became faster and I cracked and relax while my fantasies were running at full speed when I heard some of the other women "sing" their first orgasms into space.

My clit pumped, my vagina contracted and suddenly tense my entire body itself - only to let go, when my back tense in an arc and I heard myself lie and groan: yes, ja..jaaaaa! And my orgasm poured out of me, vådtede my towel and swept through my body and sent me out of the world for a moment .. Nothing to say to that is called orgasms for "the little death". I did as Pia had taught us, put his hands over my lap, breathed deeply and quickly, put the vibrator on my middle finger, so that the feeling was not too intense, but not away.

I kept her eyes closed and was in the imagination - let the orgasm run into me, only to feel it sink into my clitoris again. This was repeated twice, which I merged saw having two "wet orgasms." After the sounds from the other women to decipher, they also had their pleasure and together we saw that got rid of the uncertainty of our body, to accept others in our desire and sexuality - it was so unique that I am in my first orgasm, actually sat down and wept for the liberation of inhibitions and with joy, having overcome a barrier.

But the game was not over yet. After we had shared the experience of release of inhibitions, we were only really uninhibited and began to test all the different vibrators and dildos we had together - the toys were cleaned with alcohol and we shared and informed laughed and flirted. We also got tested a cream that would seem like Viagra does on men. The warmed up tremendously in the labia and got juices flowing, so I could not resist and had to have a tube home.

I will not tell you about all the different vibrators, dildos and other toys we tried. Tooth-elastic nipples example .. dildos with a huge head that exactly fit up to fill the small hollow first in the vagina and vibrated absolutely brilliantly, buttplugs, marbles and marble eggs !! Ladies - let me just interject here that the next thing I did was to buy one of these here marble eggs and hurry home to put it in alcohol, smear it into the olive oil and press it into the vagina. It works with the vaginal muscles and provides an incredible awareness of her gender, actually I've got used to go with one when I'm at home.

The day was about to go on the pitch and we all had a very intense feeling of having experienced something important new and shared it with each other, so we were a little reluctant to just walk apart. Let's go out and get something to eat together - we proposed almost all in a single bite! We were so happy !! Pia quickly arranged place in a Greek restaurant, the city's best Greek food, and we started to pack our suitcases and toys together. We then sat for many hours at the restaurant with a few bottles of red wine, lovely food and enjoyed each other's company - shared again our experiences with each other, and got such a space to let the many hours we had spent together, find a quiet happy place within in us. It was a wonderful experience - with great people and great important lessons I wish all my fellow human beings also must share.

I would again urge all M / K who want to optimize their sexuality and desire, to visit Pia's homepage: www.seksualterapi.dk read it and see whether or not Pia have something they can use to enrich their own sexual life. Last but not least, a big thanks to my friend who gave me the opportunity for this experience, and to Pia, who can rightly be called an authority on what orgasm training and sex therapy is concerned, and as a magnanimous, hot woman, I joy embrace and call friend. I have been really very valuable from her!