Achieve multiple and better orgasms

Individual instruction on how you achieve better orgasms.


One Video Lecture and a personal part: two hours for men and three hours for women.

General description

Usually one course is enough, but you can always buy more time. After half a year, it's a good idea to repeat the course, or go further with one of my orgasm weekends.

The course begins with the Video Lecture, where you will be introduced to the methods I teach accordance. For female students, the video lecture is also an introduction to the rest of the course.

The personal part takes place a second day at a time we agree.

Male, 2 hours

In the personal part. you will be instructed in:
  • How you, with persistent training, can practice the ability to encompass higher levels of sexual excitement without loosing it,
  • How you are Abel able to choose when to ejaculate, and become able to separate orgasm and ejaculation to that you can end up getting several dry orgasms before you ejaculate
  • How you move from small ejaculations to deep orgasms – multiple orgasms and hours-long ecstasy modes.
On top, get a firmer, ensure and never failing erection and more intense orgasms. It takes 6 months to a year and a half to obtain these skills.

Female, 3 hours

In the personal part, we will talk about your sex life before and now and we will look at / admire genitals, so I'm sure you know yourself anatomical and appreciate the design of your genitals. Then we look at how you are doing now and whether you have good orgasms or just some small.

I then instruct you in multiple ways, new skills and how to actively dynamically use all your inner resources: Pelvic floor exercises, hip movement and sound on breathing.