Therapy for couples

Information for couples

Book a therapeutic counseling session about marriage/love life – either as a couple or individually:
  • How is your/yours sexuality right now?
  • How is your sex life ?
  • Do you agree where to go sexually?
  • Is it satisfactory? – For both of you?
  • What should change? – Is something unspoken?
  • How is the communication?
  • Do you really talk about sex?
  • Is something not right?
  • Do you want enough? Do your partner? Or do you want to much
  • Are your needs met – emotionally as well as sexually??
  • Do you have orgasm?
  • Is there enough variety?
  • Do you perceive new fantasies? Or do you need fantasies?
  • Do you love yourself – enough?
  • Do you like your body, as it is? Do you like your partner's?
  • Do you know your erogenous zones? Do your partner?
  • Do you set your boundaries, well enough?
  • Is there inhibitions and modesty elements which can be alleviated? – How about your partner?

Your relationship

  • work towards developing your sexuality!
  • When things go well, take a stock.
  • Agree on where you want to go sexually...
  • May your confidentiality grow deeper? closeness become more beautiful?
  • Are there things concerning sex you find hard to say to each other?
  • Do you have habits that need to be changed?
  • Do you have too much or too little sex??
  • Are you a dominant woman and a wimpy man?

When things go bad

  • Come early, get help in Therapy, both of you or just the one.
  • Adultery, how it is handled in a proper manner?
  • How do you end a relationship and separate in an orderly manner?
  • Recently divorced, get help to cope with the crisis, work with your previous relationship!
  • How do you resume a life as single?
  • How do you address the new relationship, get started properly with each other – without the ghosts from your previous relationships?