Said about Pia, by couples

Said about Pia, couples

Maria, 22 years old, Kolding: I was really nervous when my girlfriend and I were to meet with Pia to get a couples therapy. For I think that it is embarrassing to have problems in a relationship in such a young age. My girlfriend and I stood in some sexual problems, we could not even save us out of, but Pia gave us just the right inspiration to move forward.

Pia received us with open arms. She exudes an incredible calmness and confidence that made me open up some feelings that very few people are participating in. There was nothing that was embarrassing to say no thing to be explained, since Pia has an incredible understanding and empathy.

We were very clear on several things in our relationship include what our conflict is really about. It was a very personal, intense and truly rewarding conversation of our relationship both as a couple and as individuals. Using some new tools we were given the opportunity to develop further, which I consider a great gift. My boyfriend and I have found each other again, as we were before it drove deadlocked for us. I have no doubt that I will use Pia next time the need arises!

Peter & Anna, 34 and 31, Jaegerspris: How can I in only a few lines to express my joy and enthusiasm for Pia Struck? It's too little!

My husband and I had our first visit to Pia Finally in September 2001, was already a lot of homes to work with. Our high expectations for what a third party would make and give to help us, were almost unrealistic - precisely why our choice fell on Pia Struck!

Pia Struck is different ... she contribute more than help and support to solve the most hopeless task. She is so attentive, sincere, direct and loving and has success with what she does. Pia Struck is an incredibly talented therapist ... she is one of the only ones that have been allowed to scolding me, except I was angry:-) ... ..fordi she is who she is and give so much!

Sean and Christine, 31 and 29 years old, Soro: Our marriage was heading for divorce, because we had landed in a dead end. One simple but intense conversation with the therapist made us see the pattern, we sat in, with new eyes, and so clearly that we ku 'break it and ku' call off the next visit, our love blossomed again!

Helmut and Hanne, 56 & 54, Frederiksberg: Lecture on sex therapy! We met for an introductory evening / lectures to get a picture of what sex therapy aims, not least to meet Pia "live". 3 couples and a single woman this evening in March.

Pia started to tell about himself, about her professional background and about her own sexual experiences. It became, at times, very intimate tale from Pia's practical experience universe hereby lit that she not only bases its therapy in theory, but certainly also has "tried on his own body." It was courageous, exciting and sometimes very transboundary, but when Pia told with a constant twinkle contagious warmth and deep trust, I think we all got a feeling that the normal has much wider boundaries than we commonly think of, and that "this is perfectly OK". No one has reason to be ashamed of his own desires and thoughts - we have them all together. The historically modesty entails only that "it's something you do not talk about" - but "it's a plan to get changed." Pia told that in particular has gone beyond women's sexuality, especially why women need to get loosened up taboos and to learn your own body to know. Only then can sexual experiences enjoyed in full, whether alone or with a partner. When we can learn to communicate what we want, what "turns us", we are well underway.

We got an evening where Pia in a lovely manner was told that she can and will help the individual to a better sex life - we will be happier for ourselves and for each other, you get a much more balanced life - and "then it is both healthy and fun. "With us we have decided to go to couples therapy - we believe that Pia is the right man for the job.

Thanks for a great evening - we look forward to mér '! Many greetings Helmut and Hanne.