Your personal development through working with sexuality

Sexuality is the greatest quality of life bringer, it is our energy of healing. A happy vibrant sexuality, transforms us into more vital human beings, and sympathetic to the rest of the world. Working with your sexuality, may therefore initiate a great deal of personal development

This lecture will inspire you to develop yourself through your sexuality. I provide new means of thinking, and offers sexual exercises which you can carry out alone or with your partner If you want to have an unbound and joyful sex life, this lectures might help you further.

You will gain all the knowledge parents, school and your partner did not have the words for, anatomy and how to use the means of the body for pleasure and better orgasms Using your own body as a source to power, energy and pleasure, you can regain the ability to live your own life and the freedom to experience your sexuality in a unbound and creative way

Duration: 2.5 hours